System Support
Everyone gives lip service to great customer service these days but, in reality, very few companies actually provide it. 

At Freeway we work hard to exceed our clients expectations, to be responsive instead of indifferent, to be proactive instead of reactive. To convince you that we are serious about service, we sum it all up with a Zero Downtime policy and, optionally, a written Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Support Options
Remote Management - technology has matured to the point where automated systems can now take much of the drudgery out of managing large numbers of computers on a daily basis. Freeway's Framework management system can touch each computer on your network during the night, scanning for spyware and viruses as well as managing the myriad of MS patches that come down the pipe each week. If a system fails Freeway can usually access it remotely for a quick repair without the wait for an on-site technician. Framework clients have full access to on-line executive summaries which report problems and fixes occurring on each station within the client site.
On-Site Support - Freeway continues to provide traditional on-site support services for cases where remote management is not possible. Freeway's on-site services are provided with the same commitment to our Zero Downtime policy so that you receive the very best hands on service available.
Management Contract - Remote and/or on-site management services can be provided for you on a time and materials basis or under an annual management contract. Contracts provide clients with more predictable IT costs that can managed under a budget.
Service Level Agreement - A service level agreement (SLA) is a negotiated document. Client's service expectations and Freeway's commitments to that service are written into a binding legal agreement which is signed by both parties. Freeway conforms to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) documents for construction of SLA's.

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