Freeway manages projects from concept to production, and then provides on-going system management to complete the package. 

Project Management

Project management means understanding customer needs, developing feasible project plans, mobilizing resources, and delivering projects to set objectives. Freeway adheres to the project management tenets set out by the Project Management Institute (PMI).
Concept development - taking your ideas or wish lists and merging them with a knowledge of business and technology to come up with a viable concept.
Project planning - laying out a master plan for bringing your project from concept to production. Budgets, timelines, and objectives are all established during this planning phase.
Mobilizing resources - pulling all the staff, suppliers, and materials together under the master plan to move your project forward to completion.
Delivery - turning over the keys to production, having delivered your project on time and within the set budget.

System Management
Freeway's involvement with your system doesn't end with project delivery but extends into ongoing system management.
Remote Management - about 80% of technology systems can now be remotely managed for greatly reduced downtime and controlled costs.
On-site Management - for projects that cannot be remotely managed Freeway continues to provide traditional on-site management services.









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