Systems Engineering
The success of your new technology project depends on the business experience and technical expertise of the company you hire to implement it.

Freeway's staff are real engineers and technologists with a shared wealth of experience in business and industry. Any or all of Freeway's engineering staff may be involved in the implementation of your project depending on the complexity and various skill sets required.
The company's systems engineering services include design, development, deployment, and commissioning of business and industrial technology.

Featured Technologies
Asterisk VOIP PBX - a sophisticated telephone system suited to any small to medium size business. Complete PBX functionality plus the ability to send and receive long distance calls over the internet. This system runs under Linux which provides stability and security. Used with standard telephone sets or when used with a computer client this phone system can be integrated with custom apps for managing call centres, hotels, or health care facilities.
Application Development - sometimes, even today, programs don't exist for specific applications within a business or industry. Freeway has the ability to develop from scratch or to develop bridge code to integrate previously separate islands of technology. Either way, Freeway has the business, technical, and management experience to pull it together for you.
Enterprise Networking - the debate rages as to whether Linux or Windows is the best file server. The fact is...they each have their strengths and should be deployed based on the needs of a client not on the preferences of the installer. Freeway has in-house experts in both arenas giving clients access to the best technologies from either or both worlds.









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